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Royal Mana Oil











Royal Mana Oil!
Is made in Hawaii
“Hawaii’s Healing Oil”
100 percent money back guarantee.
Helps to relieve:
Pain swelling psoriasis eczema arthritis knee pain back pain scar tissue joint pain gout rashes fibromialgia sports injuries golf shoulder sprains neck pain post joint surgery rehabilitation

All natural and heat free and completely Hypo allergenic.

Formerly Maui Mana Oil

Call richard at 18089859803

Directions for use:

Topical application only.
Apply dropper of oil to palm of hand and rubs hands together for about 5 seconds then apply too painful area including 3 -5 inches around painful part if in a joint b sure to include the entire joint area. Then rest the area for at least 2-5 minutes. Because sleep is when your body does its healing that is the most important time to use the oil. although you can use it anytime of the day. apply for 5 days and rest for 2. For upper body discomfort place oil between shoulder blades. for lower body discomfort place some oil on the lower back for increased effectiveness.

Use in health and enjoy!

The Mana is within you. Only you/your body can heal itself.

Richard Probst
Sheila Probst

Not intended as a diagnosis.
Not intended as a treatment.
Not intended as medical advice.


7 Responses

  1. What is in this product?? My wife got a little vial at a Farmer’s Market, and I berated her for wasting her money on ‘snake oil’ cures, but guess what ………. I agreed to have her apply it to my shoulder area where I had been experiencing pain, and had difficulty in raising my arm. To my surprise, the problem was gone the next morning, and I had complete ease & mobility with the arm. I am still not totally convinced, but had the wife apply it again, ‘just in case.’

  2. R.Moore. Bristol England.Bought a bottle while on holiday but like D Sevilla very sceptical but it has relieved body pain on several occasions.Looking to buy more.

  3. I would like to obtain more mana oil please can you send me some prices please.rmthesaint@sky.com.thankyou.

  4. Richard I have to thank you for your oil/product. In March of 2012
    I was on a 15 day Hawaii cruise and went to the market place. You put some oil on my back and foot my foot that was killing me. I’m a dancer and was cutting back on dancing because of the pain. I have only used it 2 more times since then and dance with almost no pain, what a deal. I was a non-believer
    One day it started to hurt again but I danced at 2 different venues for over 6 hrs.
    I then gave some to my friend who says nothing works for him. I was shocked he said after about 3 uses his pain is going away.Ted from Sacramento.

  5. Tara Honaker Royal mana oil and bone oil hav done wonders in dealing with the pain caused by degenerative disc and joint desease… It is THE ONLY PRODUCT outside of pain killers than hav kept me from using these medications I dont’t like to take at all!!
    Desparate in KY…and unsure hy my last phone order wasn’t processed… Pls contact me ASAP!!

  6. Can you use mana oil after having radiation for breast cancer on area that has been treated?

  7. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you and I get no response now for awhile. I called your number with no return messages. Are you still business? It really helps my pain on my fingers & I’m out, so please if you may can I place an order with you. Your email is undeliverable.

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